Hackers impersonate these 10 brands the most in phishing attacks

Though IT professionals frequently prioritize patching software vulnerabilities, end users are often the weakest link in the security chain. Social engineering attacks—typically in the form of phishing—continue to be a popular mode of attack for cybercriminals, especially for those targeting individual users rather than large corporations. Email security firm Vade Secure published on Wednesday their list of the most-impersonated brands in the Q4 2018 Phishers' Favorites report.

From the report, the 10 most impersonated brands in North America are:

  1. Microsoft

  2. Netflix

  3. PayPal

  4. Bank of America

  5. Chase

  6. DHL

  7. Facebook

  8. Docusign

  9. LinkedIn

  10. Dropbox

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Hein LewiesComment